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    Hello We are John and Natalia Van Houdt from amazing cruises and safaris

    We've had James and truly fresh come for the past couple of years to clean our office.

    We can concentrate and do more things in the business because obviously cleaning takes time and we ended up doing it in a piecemeal basis And the most important areas that needs cleaning It saves us time and allows us more time to do more things in our business

    We're very very happy with the service and with his crew and we highly recommend them

    Amazing Safaris and Cruises
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    Customer Service, Other, Quality

    Best company I have ever dealt with. So consistent with great service.

    Customer Service, Other, Quality

    Very professional company and great service

    Customer Service, Other, Quality

    Always perfection

    Customer Service, Quality

    Excellent service

    Customer Service, Quality

    Fantastic people and the work you and your staff do is awesome.

    Customer Service, Quality

    Always so Maticulous!

    Boyko Builders
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    Contracted for their 5th year Been through over 8 cleaning companies, 6 of which were in a 2-year time span Always grateful for the quality provided Love that the owner is so involved in operations

    Dillon Consulting Ltd.
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    My name is Sarah Anderson and I'm the Accounts Manager at Future Tint

    Over the past one and a half to two years we've made a lot of changes in our business. We've moved from our larger location to a smaller one and with that move we decided to bring on some extra help cleaning

    We downsized in space as well as staff. Before, the concept that we had you know tried to promote was that if you didn't have something to do, do some cleaning but even with a lot of staff it never really seemed to be enough

    Making the change to a smaller staff meant that most of the people didn't have enough time to do the same amount of cleaning so bringing on a team to be able to do that for us so that we can concentrate on the stuff that we're good at was just so exponentially helpful because we were just a disaster and now I don't actually have to worry about anything which is great.

    We get every two weeks I believe and they come in on the weekend when no one's around or if someone happens to be working then they just no one bothers anyone but I don't I just don't have to worry about it everything's just done and it's great it's just something that I don't have to think about and neither does anyone else and I know that a lot of our employees especially germophobes they really appreciate it.

    Future Tint
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    The Truly Fresh team has been cleaning for me for almost three years. Each clean I am greeted by smiling faces! You can tell the entire team prides themselves with providing quality and consistency with very visit.

    Nicole Perras with MNP
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    Hi my name is Larry Hosegood, I'm part of a family business named Oakley Optical. It's been around for 70 years and three generations and my grandfather and my dad always said the same thing: the smallest things make the biggest difference and we've been running a business a certain way for a really long time and we've always tried to improve and think about all those small details that do make a difference. I think probably about four years ago we decided that most of the staff and us were too busy to try to maintain a certain level of cleanliness and appearance in all the offices that we have. We searched for a cleaning company and we came across Truly Fresh and we've used them now for like I said four and a half years and the biggest thing for me is when we're looking for all those details and the smallest things that make a difference. I find that when you're looking at it in that much detail you want to have a certain appearance and projection of your store when the person first comes in and is shopping around and we're dealing with them for new eyewear or they're getting your eyes checked and what we found is with Truly Fresh that we walk in in that morning we see and smell a place that is spotless and so clean and immaculate that it gives me a comfort and a confidence that that part is taken care of and now I can think of other details to make the business even better. When we're dealing with somebody like Truly Fresh the thing that I like the most is when you're really busy and you finally find somebody to do something or take care of a part of this whole spectrum of big machine business, I don't want to think about it but I just want it to be taken care of and in the four-and-a-half years that we've dealt with James and Truly Fresh I haven't had to think about it and it's just being taken care of and that's all I need to know and he's come through for all the stores and every situation we've had if we've had a certain gathering or special event. That’s the confidence that I have in this company, I would totally recommend them. They have come through in every situation and they've given me that that appearance and that look that I've always wanted to have in the stores so I can continue to be busier and give the customers what they want!

    Larry Hosegood, owner of Oakley Optical
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    My name is Shannon Curtaz and I'm the director of Winnipeg Montessori School

    Prior to us contracting to have truly fresh take over our cleaning services we had a company that was led by a personal friend of one of our board members so a lot of corners were cut the services were not as flexible around times and events that happen in the evenings in our school so things would be cut quite close there would still be cleaning crews here when there were parents arriving for special functions in the evening

    It really lacked professionalism and the results of the cleaning were not to our satisfaction. we're very happy with the services that truly fresh are providing us. If we ever have a concern or a request it's a matter of sending a quick email and the response is immediate we've never had any concerns about the products that are being used or the quality of the service that is provided. They are completely meeting our expectations and we have nothing but good things to say

    Because we are listed in Winnipeg small businesses we are contacted on a fairly regular basis by a number of companies that would like to come and give us quotes for our cleaning services

    Prior to contracting truly fresh we did have a number a large number of quotes come in and they were the most reasonable not only a price but also in providing far more services than the quotes that other companies were providing to us so when we receive calls now we usually just ask them not to waste their time coming in to give us quotes because we're more than happy with the service there that we're receiving from truly fresh

    Shannon Curtaz director of Winnipeg Montessori School

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