James Berena

Owner of Truly Fresh. He was a finalist for MFBC's Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2016 and featured member of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce in the Summer 2018 edition of Manitoba Business and Trade Magazine. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in 2013 and has volunteered as a Tae Kwon Do instructor since 2002. He is also a proud supporter of many fundraisers and charities.

Jimmy Berena

Father of James Berena and head cleaner of Truly Fresh. In 2013, he retired after working as an environmental cleaner, assigned to the busiest public area, for 26 years at Seven Oaks General Hospital. He is extremely energetic and reliable both on and off the field. While known by his friends at the Seven Oaks as “the smiling guy” because of his joyful personality and passion for cleaning, his family knows him as the "Funny Guy".

Archie Mendoza

In 2014, Archie started off as both a cleaner and clerk with Truly Fresh. His creative eye for design made him the perfect team member to lead the company on all things related to advertising.

His never-ending desire to push Truly Fresh to the next level encouraged him to further his knowledge in everything from marketing to operations. In November 2018, Archie was promoted to Director of Operations where he now takes on all duties relating to Truly Fresh and its growth. He is a very devoted team member and continues to find new ways to differentiate Truly Fresh from their competitors.


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