Shannon Curtaz director of Winnipeg Montessori School

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My name is Shannon Curtaz and I'm the director of Winnipeg Montessori School

Prior to us contracting to have truly fresh take over our cleaning services we had a company that was led by a personal friend of one of our board members so a lot of corners were cut the services were not as flexible around times and events that happen in the evenings in our school so things would be cut quite close there would still be cleaning crews here when there were parents arriving for special functions in the evening

It really lacked professionalism and the results of the cleaning were not to our satisfaction. we're very happy with the services that truly fresh are providing us. If we ever have a concern or a request it's a matter of sending a quick email and the response is immediate we've never had any concerns about the products that are being used or the quality of the service that is provided. They are completely meeting our expectations and we have nothing but good things to say

Because we are listed in Winnipeg small businesses we are contacted on a fairly regular basis by a number of companies that would like to come and give us quotes for our cleaning services

Prior to contracting truly fresh we did have a number a large number of quotes come in and they were the most reasonable not only a price but also in providing far more services than the quotes that other companies were providing to us so when we receive calls now we usually just ask them not to waste their time coming in to give us quotes because we're more than happy with the service there that we're receiving from truly fresh

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