Future Tint

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My name is Sarah Anderson and I'm the Accounts Manager at Future Tint

Over the past one and a half to two years we've made a lot of changes in our business. We've moved from our larger location to a smaller one and with that move we decided to bring on some extra help cleaning

We downsized in space as well as staff. Before, the concept that we had you know tried to promote was that if you didn't have something to do, do some cleaning but even with a lot of staff it never really seemed to be enough

Making the change to a smaller staff meant that most of the people didn't have enough time to do the same amount of cleaning so bringing on a team to be able to do that for us so that we can concentrate on the stuff that we're good at was just so exponentially helpful because we were just a disaster and now I don't actually have to worry about anything which is great.

We get every two weeks I believe and they come in on the weekend when no one's around or if someone happens to be working then they just no one bothers anyone but I don't I just don't have to worry about it everything's just done and it's great it's just something that I don't have to think about and neither does anyone else and I know that a lot of our employees especially germophobes they really appreciate it.

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